Joseph S. Steinberg, Chairman
Susan Feldman, President­/Artistic Director
Steven B. Rissman, Vice President
Kay Ellen Consolver, Treasurer
Thomas H. French, ­Secretary

Ronald E. Feiner
Elizabeth B. Gormley
Henry B. Gutman
Stephen Hendel
Andre Kelleners
Anatoly Lezhen
Janno Lieber
Adam E. Max
Thomas T. Newell
Anthony D. Schlesinger
Jolie Curtsinger Schwartz
David Wagner
David C. Walentas

Andrew D. Hamingson, Executive Director


The staff of St. Ann's Warehouse welcomes your comments and inquiries. Use the list below to direct your e-mail to the appropriate person.­ PLEASE NOTE: the artistic staff does not accept unsolicited submissions.

Artistic Director ­
Susan Feldman

Executive Director
Andrew D. Hamingson

Director of External Affairs
Marilynn Donini

General Manager
Erik Wallin

Director of Finance
Abby Marcus

Production Manager
Owen Hughes

Director of Marketing
Jenna Clark Embrey­

Director of Individual Giving
Catherine Taylor Williams

Box Office Manager ­
Karl L. Sturk­

Company Manager
Krissy Smith

Technical Director
John Mosele

Marketing & Membership Associate
Jack Railton

Assistant Technical Director
Sean M. Daniels

Finance & Operations Assistant
Liz Uchtman


Special Services

Press Relations
Blake Zidell & Associates

Art Direction and Graphic Design
Flyleaf Creative


greyBox Tobacco Warehouse

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