24-Hour Marathon FAQ’s


What time should I arrive? Can the audience leave the show and come back?
By purchasing a ticket to the 24-hour Marathon you are committing to the 24-hour performance in its entirety. The Box Office and the lobby will be open beginning at 10:30am on Saturday, and the theater doors will be open at 11:30am. The show will begin promptly at 12pm.

Will there be food and when will it be served?
Yes! A vegetarian decade-appropriate dinner, breakfast and periodic snacks are included in the price of your ticket; additional concessions will be available for purchase throughout the performance at Bar Jolie in the lobby. Dinner will be served at 9:00pm and breakfast between 6:00-7:00am. Since the show begins at 12 noon and dinner won’t be served until 9pm, we encourage you to come with a full belly.

Additional concessions, including small sandwiches, snack boxes, tea, coffee, beer and wine will be available for purchase throughout the performance at Bar Jolie in the St. Ann’s lobby. View the Bar Jolie Marathon menu here>>

What kind of food will be served at dinner and breakfast?
The food provided during the show will be vegetarian. Allergy concerns? Please contact Kara Wilson at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Can I bring food/drinks into the show?
Food and drinks will be available for purchase at Bar Jolie in the lobby. Drinks are permitted in the theater.

What should I bring with me? Will I be able to take breaks and rest?
Please bring only what you can carry, as there will be no formal coat check! You’ll be encouraged to take care of yourself during the Marathon. This means that bathroom, snack, and rest breaks can and should be taken at your leisure. You will receive a wristband which will allow to go outside to smoke or get a breath of fresh air.

Will I be separated from my stuff?
Most likely, yes. Please leave large bags and other items at home. We want you, your seat, and the ground around your feet to be unencumbered.

Will I be sitting with my friends the whole time?
There will be time to sit with friends and loved ones and time to be with strangers.

Will there be a place to charge my phone? Can I post during the show on social media?
Yes and yes! The St. Ann’s Warehouse lobby is equipped with several outlets and USB charging stations, and we encourage you to document your experience online (so long as it doesn’t distract from your participation.) Please use #SAWTaylorMac and tag us, @stannswarehouse, in your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Consent to being photographed in stills and film
By purchasing a ticket to any of these performances, each audience member consents to having their image and/or voice appear in still photography, on video or in audio recordings.

All performances are accessible to those who use wheelchairs and individuals with limited mobility. Wheelchair seats are available online; by calling 718.254.8779 or at the box office. Please contact the Box Office Manager to let us know about your access requirements or special requests when you book: 718.254.8779 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

I want to help! How can I do this?
If you are a person of financial means and would like to help realize Taylor’s vision, we are in need of funds (this is a noncommercial extravaganza with hundreds of performers and workers so every little bit will help us). Click here to make a contribution>>

Any more questions? Please click here to send us an email. Thanks!

Single Act Concerts FAQ’s

How long are the performances? Will there be breaks?
The eight single Act concerts are 3 hours in length, and while there are no formal intermissions, you’ll be welcome to visit the restroom and Bar Jolie for drinks and snacks throughout the performance.

If I buy tickets to a single act, or to select acts, and I don’t see the whole 24 decades, will I understand what’s going on?
Yes. Each Act is a stand-alone work, and the concert does not follow a running narrative. That said, we still encourage everyone to see as many Acts as they can since the ritual of repeat encounters is a primary theme.

Is A 24-Decade History of Popular Music appropriate for kids?
The 24-Decade project has been created for adult audiences and contains adult themes and content, including strong language and brief nudity.


Can I use my cell phone, take photos or post on social media during the performance?
Phones are permitted, so long as they aren’t being used in a way that distracts the performers or fellow audience members. We discourage talking or texting during the show, and ask that all phones be turned to silent – Taylor will not be shy about calling you out!


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