She Was About to Quit Acting. Then She Got the Role of a Lifetime.

Denise Gough brings her award-winning turn as an addict to St. Ann’s Warehouse, and will follow that up with “Angels in America” on Broadway.

“An addict has to hit rock bottom before they change their lives,’’ she said. “Maybe the world is hitting rock bottom, and there’s going to be a glorious spiritual awakening where we all start looking after each other.”

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Photo by Tom Jamieson

Dangerous dreams: the mind-blowing world of designer Bunny Christie

“Jeremy rang to say, ‘I’ve got this great play, can I send it to you?’ At that point, it opened with a woman falling through space, past the stars and clouds, then landing bang on a gurney, and suddenly she’s in a club. I wasn’t even halfway through before I texted Jeremy and said, ‘I really really want to do this.’”

Set Designer Bunny Christie talks through five of her creations, including People, Places & Things, with The Guardian’s David Jays. READ MORE >>

Photo: Johan Persson