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The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought

NOV 9–27

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WED 26 OCT 2016

Longing Lasts Longer Trailer

TUE 25 OCT 2016

Daniel Kitson hosts "Captain Bang Bang's Magic Castle"

Streaming live from Resonance FM on Monday nights, Daniel Kitson’s “Captain Bang Bang’s Magic Castle” is “[never] archived on line or available to listen again – it’s now or never. Nor does it repeat.” Featuring quick wit and a playlist curated by Kitson himself, listen next Monday or catch up with last week’s featured songs:

via @fydanielkitson on Twitter

MON 10 OCT 2016

Review: Taylor Mac’s 24-Hour Concert Was One of the Great Experiences of My Life

“I’ve slept on it, and I’m sure. “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” is sublime.

…By about 10:30 a.m., donning a giant pair of butterfly wings, Mr. Mac mustered the fire to shred through a version of Sleater-Kinney’s “One Beat.” He stalked the St. Ann’s stage in his bare feet and in comically high heels. He sang through costume changes and through near-mishaps. (At one point, it looked as if the audience members carrying him from table to table were going to drop their load.) He never lost his sense of humor or the pathway to any of the punch lines in his 24 hours of stage patter or his knack for the dramatic and comedic power of holding a silence. Normally, he’s a star. This weekend he was a solar system.”

via The New York Times
Photo: Sara Krulwich

TUE 4 OCT 2016

Kneehigh's 946 and Enda Walsh's ARLINGTON on sale now!

MAR 16-APR 9, 2017
Tickets Start at $35 | BUY TICKETS>>
Kneehigh bring their full arsenal of live music, dance and visual hi jinx back to St. Ann’s with this new adaptation of a book by the author of War Horse.

MAY 3-28, 2017
Tickets Start at $45 | BUY TICKETS>>
In May, join us for Enda Walsh’s Arlington, where “dance, art and poetry explode in [this] brave new world” (The Guardian).