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St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
A Mini-Festival of New Puppet Theater from The Lab
Lab Directors: Matt Acheson and Krissy Smith

JUN 26 – JUL 1, 2018

All tickets $20 in advance | $25 at the door

Each spring, St. Ann’s Warehouse showcases works-in-progress developed over the course of a year in our Puppet Lab. Now in its 19th year, St. Ann’s Puppet Lab is an experimental haven for artists making interdisciplinary puppet and object theater.

Program A
TUE JUN 26 7:30PM | FRI JUN 29 7:30PM | SAT JUN 30 2PM | SUN JUL 1 7:30PM


Evolution #9 by The Miscreators (Doctor Superhelga & Eliza Baldi)
This is the future, and we are sorry to say, but you are by now extinct. Your plastic, however, lives on. If that is any consolation to you.

Lectures on the Physics of Reversibility by Eat Drink Tell Your Friends
These lectures, delivered by our distinguished messenger-professor, will examine the fundamental laws of physics as they pertain to time, its relativity, and its potential reversibility. We will explore the consequences of the heart’s removal from linear time as they relate to current theories in the eye-opening field of quantum mechanics.

Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo.

It’s a show about hiding your heart.

mother daughter sisterwife by Lauren Tuvell
On July 12, 1843, Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had a revelation that would change the course of history. Now, almost two centuries later, mother daughter sisterwife excavates the timewarped and dust-tumbled memories of the pioneer women who fearlessly forged west as they settled into the controversial practice of plural marriage.

Based on the collection of poems, Glossolalia, by Marita Dachsel.
Conceived by Lauren Tuvell and built collaboratively with Allison Altman,
Hannah Record and Anna Szapiro.

The Death of Balder by Andrew Benincasa and Leigh Walter
A king fights to keep his son safe from destiny, the death that begins the end of the world.  We follow King Odin through the creation of life, the destruction of the universe, and the choices we make around power, violence, love and grief. Shaped from the original Norse myth, The Death of Balder is a shadow puppet crankie show centered around the precursor to Ragnarok.

Program B
WED JUN 27 7:30PM | THU JUN 28 7:30PM | SAT JUN 30 7:30PM | SUN JUL 1 3PM


Buena Vista by Britt Moseley & Sean Petell
The video performance Buena Vista transforms garbage and everyday materials into eerie landscapes reminiscent of photographs of Mars or 19th century landscape painting. These constructed places are manipulated and performed on stage inside specialty equipment designed to house the floods and winds produced in the miniature dioramas.

BODY CONCERT  by Kevin Augustine’s Lone Wolf Tribe
Created and performed by Lone Wolf Tribe, oversized body limbs stripped of their skin become a moving sculpture of muscles, tendons and bone. Achingly animated in an extremely rigorous choreography, Augustine’s spectacle embraces a pure minimalism as he puppeteers solo, using his hands, toes & outstretched legs. Influenced by Butoh dance, this hybrid work brings LWT’s exquisitely sculpted foam-rubber puppets uniquely to life in a wordless, tender meditation on life’s beautiful  impermanence.

The Wild Unwanted 
Conceived and Designed by Glenn MarlaWritten by Hana Malia and Glenn Marla Directed by Megan Paradis Hanley
The Boy is to find out who he is, by surviving all that he is not. What he is not is a scrappy boy, a fast boy, a cruel boy. What he is, is a fat boy, a sissy boy. He is a boy who longs for adventure and to become a powerful thing of beauty, the likes of which can only be found in the wilds of imagination. With the help of sturdy weeds, ghosts of nightlife past, and a full set of lips, The Boy will traverse The Wild Unwanted and learn that magic lays in the most discarded of places.


The History of Oklahoma (In Three Violent Acts) by Joseph Silovsky
The new Oklahoma Territory was a Tabula Rasa  for many groups- Native Americans; Freed Slaves from the defeated South; Pioneers from the overcrowded East.  The History of Oklahoma is the story of these Utopian Visions’ clash with reality and the subsequent repercussions of that clash ( like seismic waves through historical time) that end up destroying the Murrah Building in 1995.

Act One, Scene One is rooted in the chaos of the lawless Territorial Years. A mechanical Toy Theater tells the story of George “Hookey” Miller, culminating in his gun battle with Jasper Trout during the flood of the Cimarron River.
Story and Stage by Joseph Silovsky, Music and Sound by Catherine McRae

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Special Event:

Voices On TalkBack | SAT JUN 30
Following the 2 PM performance please join us for an artist talk back.

St. Ann’s Puppet Lab and Labapalooza Festival are supported by Cheryl Henson and The Jim Henson Foundation.


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