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St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
the Schaubühne Berlin production of

Based on the memoir by Didier Eribon

Directed by Thomas Ostermeier
Featuring Homeland’s Nina Hoss

FEB 4 – 25, 2018


A sound studio. An actress records a voiceover for a documentary.  Philospher Didier Eribon, returning to his childhood home, discovers that the left-wing and liberal middle-class have abandoned the working-class, and workers are running into the arms of the right-wing National Front. How is this possible? How have things come to this? As populism marches around the globe, does political activism still have a role to play?

Featuring Homeland’s Nina Hoss in a “magnetic” performance, director Thomas Ostermeier “turns the stage into a source of living debate, … a poignant political drama about change and the left’s disregard of the working class.” (The Guardian). His production provides a key understanding of what’s gripping contemporary society.


Run Time: Approx. 2 hours with no intermission

Reviews: Returning to Reims

Nina Hoss is magnetic… Ostermeier extends the boundaries of political theatre by turn[ing] the stage into a source of living debate.

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An understated and remarkable performance… Intelligent and politically pertinent

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Bold, committed and infinitely resonant. Erebon tackles the most pressing issues of our day. Catch it while you can. You won't forget it.

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Journey into Le Pen country: Author Didier Eribon talks about rejecting his roots, upsetting his mother and seeing his book become a play


Opening Night | SUN FEB 11

Inside Circle Dinner | TUE FEB 13

Returning to Reims is commissioned by Schaubühne Berlin and Manchester International Festival. Produced by Schaubühne Berlin with Manchester International Festival, HOME Manchester and Théâtre de la Ville Paris. Production support from V. Hansmann.