HEAR THEIR THERE HERE  is a site-specific sonic art work, an interactive audio guide for the “here and now.” It is a playful sound-walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park that is at once ordinary and extraordinary.

Over many months, the creators recorded the observations of hundreds of voices in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Using the geo-location capability of your phone, the app lets you, the listener, hear their words where they said them.

Part documentary, part chance operation, HTTH  follows you where you go throughout the park. Your choice in direction and duration tell the app what to play, so there is always something new to uncover and listen for with each experience.

You will never take the same walk twice.

Troubleshooting Tips

• “Hear Their There Here” runs in the background on your phone. If you no longer want to experience the app, double-tap the home button on your phone and swipe the app’s card off screen. The app should then quit.

• If you’d like to pause the app, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal the control center. Swipe left to reveal the media controls and press the pause icon. Press play to resume.

• If you’re having trouble detecting your location while using the app, make sure that you’ve enabled location services and given “Hear Their” permission in the Privacy section of your Settings (Settings->Privacy->Location Services). If you’d like to be able to lock the screen to save your battery, make sure the app is set to always have location access.

• If you’d like to leave feedback or submit a bug report, please visit our website or just click the “feedback” link in the info panel in the app.

After you’ve taken your first walk, please help our development continue by taking this survey. 

HEAR THEIR THERE HERE  was commissioned and developed by St. Ann’s Warehouse; created by Geoff Sobelle, sound-designed by Gareth Fry, app designed and developed by Jesse Garrison, artwork by Victoria Burge.

Additional assistance: Sheelagh Darling, Rae Binstock, Ben Grant, Harry Johnson, Mike Winship and Eben Hoffer.

This work was supported by a Building Demand for the Arts Implementation Grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.   


This sound-walk reflects the musings and opinions of everyday people, not factual accuracy. 



Lead Artist

Geoff Sobelle is an artist principally working in theatre and performance. His recent works include Elephant Room, The Object Lesson and HOME. www.geoffsobelle.com


Sound Design

Gareth Fry is a sound designer best known for his work in theatre, which has included Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Encounter, Let the Right One In  and Black Watch. He won a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award in 2017 for his work on The Encounter. www.garethfry.co.uk


App Design

Jesse Garrison is an emerging Los Angeles-based multimedia artist and video designer. His work ranges from interactive installation to virtual and augmented reality experiences to media design for theater, dance and other performances. He is a graduate from CalArts, co-founder of Qubit Studio, a member of the Builders Association and a Sinking Ship Productions Associate Artist. www.takethefort.com


Sheelagh Darling – Project Assistant (Interviews)

Rae Binstock – Project Assistant (Transcriptions)

Eben Hoffer – Project Assistant (Sound Editing)

Ben Grant – Project Assistant (Sound Editing)

Harry Johnson – Project Assistant (Sound Editing)

Mike Winship – Project Assistant (Sound Editing)

Special thanks to these friends and inspiring sound-based projects/artists:
Ant Hampton, Nichole Canuso, Michael Kiley and Headlong Dance Theatre (Cell, 2006)

We also humbly thank all of the many park-goers who volunteered their voices, opinions, points of view and wisdom to the making of this project. While many requested that they remain anonymous, or only use first names, we thank them here:

Aaron Landsman, Addie, Alec Spangler, Alejandro, Aurora Davis, Bea Weller, Brittany, Carla (with dog), Caroline, Celeste, Chester, Daniel, Daniel Alexander Jones, Daniel Serafini-Sauli, Darius, David Boone Jr., Don Shah Sapeur, Edwin, Elena & Chaim, Emily, Eric Banks, Garnette Cadogan, Giarncarlo Vulcano, Greg and Justin, Heather Wolf, Isa (Naturalist), Jamel, Jane Walentas, Jay Howard, Jennifer Charles, Jesse, Judy Sauli, Julian Crouch, Krissy Smith, Lance Walker, Lily, Lily Taylor, Lynn, Marie – Berries, Matt Acheson, Max Ryan (Jane Doe Group), Michael, Michael Greenberg, Michael Tighe, Olivia, Paul Lazar, Percy, Phillip Lopate, Rae Binstock, Regina Myer, Remi, Rhett Godfrey – naturalist, Sarah Lilly, Sean Mack, Sheelagh Darling, Sienna, Stefanie Sobelle, Susan Feldman, Taylor Mac, Valentina, Wilson