John Zorn is one of the most prolific and influential composer/musician/producers of our time, and his band features artists who, like Zorn, are at once stars of the downt­own New York scene and also possessed of a rare aesthetic worldliness.

Fri Feb 29, Zorn will lead the band in a World Premiere performance of his newest work, The Dreamers, which continues in the tradition of his popular album, The Gift. Zorn combines a lifetime of musical passions—world music, movie sound­tracks, jazz, minimalism, exotica, funk, surf rock and more—to create a vibrant and multifaceted collection of exquisite, instrumental fairy tales.

Sat Mar 1, St. Ann’s Warehouse will present a new iteration of Zorn’s Essential Cinema project, in which the band performs to a selection of experimental films by Joseph Cornell, Kenneth Anger, Maya Deren and Harry Smith. Operating with a deep sense and intrinsic understanding of the filmmakers, the movies and how music works with image, he composes new soundtracks for the films. Essential Cinema promises sudden surprises, unpredictable pleasure and rock solid moments of sustained synesthesia.

These concerts are presented with support from The New York State Music Fund.