St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
A Mini-Festival of New Puppet Theater from The Lab
Lab Directors: Matt Acheson and Krissy Smith

JAN 28 – 31, 2016

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All tickets $20 in advance | $25 at the door

St. Ann’s Puppet Lab, which is celebrating its 18th anniversary, is an experimental haven for puppet theater. The Labapalooza! Festival embraces a variety of new puppetry works developed in the Lab over the course of a year, presented in two Programs A and B. This year’s festival artists explore the life-long friendship of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray; hitch a ride on a dirigible; follow a humble dot on a journey for independence; and bring a National Geographic episode to the stage.

Thu Jan 28 8pm | Sat Jan 30 8pm | Sun Jan 31 3pm

The Kioskers (an excerpt) by Sara C Walsh, Scott Adkins, Mia Rovegno, Alaina Ferris and Katie Rose McLaughlin
Two city dwellers, Sabrina and Matteo, seek escape from the drudgery of urban living into the countryside. A search for a robin’s nest from Sabrina’s past leads them beyond beyond, where they hitch a ride on a dirigible helmed by a people on the verge of extinction: The Kioskers.

Marcel and Man Ray by Sarah Grace Holcomb, Emile Blondel and Patrick Sandefur
A multi-media performance that explores the lifelong friendship of the Dada artists Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. Dabbling in chess, sculpture, painting and photography, the two men helped shape an era of art that caused a sensation after the first World War. To these two great artists and friends, maybe the whole thing was an inside joke…

Untitled Mindfulness Project / Session 1 and 2 by Lydia Fine and Emma Wiseman
Untitled Mindfulness Project / Session 1 and 2 experiments with practical manipulation of everyday elements (liquid, light, paper) to investigate the unconscious. Allow your mind to wander to parts unknown.

Heimweh, Fernweh by Nick Lehane and Brian Brown
“I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”
– Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Fri Jan 29 8pm | Sat Jan 30 3pm | Sun Jan 31 7pm

Everything Starts From A Dot by Nekaa Lab / Sachiyo Takahashi
Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s quote, “Everything Starts from a Dot” is an abstract journey of a humble dot exploring microscopic yet cosmic territories.

No 1 Chinese by Rowan Magee and Patrick Breiner
In the United States, there are more Chinese take-out restaurants than Mcdonalds, Burger Kings, Wendys, Dominos and Pizza Huts combined. Rowan Magee’s marionettes and Patrick Breiner’s Saxophone paint a portrait of an undocumented Fujianese family running a take-out restaurant in America.

Discrepancies – meditation 1 by imnotlost
Featuring a lone human performer against a tide of geometric performing objects and a chorus of indifferent puppeteers, Discrepancies submerges the audience in a series of meditations about our dependence on technology, the allure of blind faith, and the question of whether participation is even a choice.

The Pact by Aaron Haskell
In the narrative style of a nature documentary, we follow the trail of two brother wolves as they go from orphaned pups in their discovery of the world around them to adults ready to find a pack. In nature, there is no good and evil, there is only the struggle to survive.

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Special Event:

Voices On TalkBack | SAT JAN 30
Following the 3 PM performance please join us for an artist talk back.

St. Ann’s Puppet Lab and Labapalooza Festival are supported by Cheryl Henson and The Jim Henson Foundation.
Jim Henson Foundation

Photo: Patrick Sandefur