New York’s undisputed queen of the underground and legendary avant-gardist Penny Arcade brings her rock n’ roll blend of stand-up comedy and memoir to St. Ann’s Warehouse in Longing Lasts Longer –a fierce, visionary and ultimately hopeful critique of New York’s slide from the “city that never sleeps” to the “city that can’t wake up.”

Opening Night | SUN DEC 4

Runtime: 75 minutes




Reviews: Penny Arcade’s Longing Lasts Longer

5 red stars

She says she’s not a performance artist, more someone holding a conversation with friends, but legendary Warhol collaborator Penny Arcade gives one hell of a show at the Soho Theatre. Even though she is in her sixties she packs more passion, pathos and energy into her 70 minutes on stage than most performers a fraction of her age; making an impassioned plea against gentrification. –ATTITUDE Read more

“THIS is not stand-up or cabaret or performance art or theatre,’’ Penny Arcade tells her audience in Longing Lasts Longer. She’s right. This idiosyncratic show, a hit in Edinburgh, defies easy description by merging memoir, philosophy, travelogue and biography. –HERALD SUN Read more

5 red stars

Penny Arcade abounds in the kind of wisdom gleaned by grabbing life with both hands and suffering numerous blows to the heart along the way. She dispenses it in poetic cadences, with a smile, an invitation to dance, and a hefty dose of Manhattan moxie. –EDINBURGH NEWS Read more




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