St. Ann’s Warehouse is dressing up all next week with two of the cabaret world’s greatest icons — The Tiger Lillies and Justin Vivian Bond. It’s our pleasure to welcome this rare combination of a longtime favorite band and admired newcomer to our stage, both of whom are at the top of their game. For fans of the Lillies and Justin, they’re not only coming with their outlandish and popular greatest hits – but with a special collaboration – an exclusive concert performance of Sinderella Songs.

The songs revolve around the classic fairly tale, but with a sordid twist; our familiar downtrodden heroine has become a crack whore (Bond) who has fallen on hard times and is turning tricks in return for drugs. The Tiger Lillies, led by Martyn Jacques, sing the roles of her especially wicked step mother and step sisters. With a subject this over-the-top, propelled by these two highly lauded voices (Jacques and Bond) it promises to be 5 wild nights of music and debauchery – Oct 25 -29. Come to St. Ann’s Warehouse for a week of the true Halloween spirit. The Tiger Lillies and Justin Vivian Bond expect to “generate quite a lot of hatred on stage between us” (Martyn Jacques).It promises to be deliciously hilarious: “fun, scintillating, impudent and heartless.” (The Guardian)

Photo Credit: Frédéric Domont